For Companies

Dear Company Partners,

Thank You!         

You are essential to the success of our annual Fall Campaign. Without you, we could not provide the critical funds needed in our fight to improve health, education, and financial stability.

What binds us together is the belief that each of us has a stake in the success of our fellow citizens. United, we can ensure our community thrives. Whether this is your first time as an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) or you’re a seasoned veteran, we are here to help you have a successful campaign from start to finish.

On behalf of all of the people served in our community, we thank you for coordinating your 2020 workplace giving campaign.

2020 Workplace Campaign - Steps to Success

Step 1: Prepare

  • Determine how you will hold your campaign - paper forms, electronic, or a hybrid method.
  • Virtually attend United Way's Campaign Training
  • Set your campaign dates
  • Assemble your Campaign Team
  • Set your Campaign Goal

Step 2: Build a Communication Plan

  • Browse the Resource Library (below) and determine which tools you will use
  • Arrange a United Way Speaker (virtual or in-person)
  • Determine multiple ways you can reach your employees - email, Intranet, Yammer/Slack/Workplace postings, posters...
  • Consider a virtual Kickoff event or other special events
  • Will you utilize any incentives or prizes?
  • Go over your plan with your United Way staff member

Step 3: Execute Your Plan!

  • Communicate with employees at least four times - on launch day, mid-campaign, a final push, and of course - a thank you.
  • Provide live updates on Campaign progress and celebrate milestones
  • Keep it short - 2 weeks or less is plenty of time for a majority of companies
  • Contact United Way with any concerns or for assistance


Online Giving Campaign

How To Run Online Campaigns

Introduction Email

Halfway Email

Two Days Email

Last Day to Give Email

Sample Online Campaign Results Sheet


Company Campaign Materials

Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide - Find out the best tips and tricks to run a successful campaign.

Pledge Form

Summary Report - Submit with a copy of each pledge form.

Partner Agency Listing - List includes each United Way partner charity, synopsis of services, and contact information.

What A Dollar Buys - It doesn't take a larger gift to make a large impact. This sheet details the local impact of various donation sizes. 

Program Numbers



Family Feud PowerPoint

COVID-19 Impact Report


Rack Cards:


Health & Crisis Intervention 

Strengthening Families and Youth



Self Sufficiency - This option has a space for your companies logo.

Self Sufficiency -This option does not have a space for your companies logo. 


Health & Crisis Intervention- This option has a space for your companies logo.

Health & Crisis Intervention-This option does not have a space for your companies logo.


Strengthening Families & Youth- This option has a space for your companies logo.

Strengthening Families & Youth-This option does not have a space for your companies logo.


Goal Thermometer- Contact UW Staff to have your specific company campaign dates and dollar goal added to these posters. 


Local Impact Stories 


Radford-Fairlawn Daily Bread

Women's Resource Center

New River Valley Community Action 

Community Health Center

Children's Health Improvement Partnership

Girl Scouts 

Boy Scouts

Valley Interfaith Childcare Center

To Our House

(Note: All names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.)


United Way Videos

Why United Way?

United Way and COVID-19

Live United. Give United.

United Way's Holiday Meal Box Program


Partner Agency Videos

Beans & Rice, Inc.


Community Health Center of the NRV

Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley


New River Community Action